Color & Engraving


Sea-Straw only uses Organic Coloring Dyes on our straws...…….NO HEAVY METALS. We have not found a single competitor who advertises this process.Regardless of the material type, the products on the market are mostly coming out of China. Their products are covered with heavy metals like Nickel , Copper , Zinc , Chrome...…….you don't want these products ending up in the eco system (land or water) and you definitely do not want them in your mouth or your beverage.

The Dyes we use are ultra-pure especially suited for use in the food zone applications. These Dyes contain no heavy metals  determined by NSF & Public Health & Safety Org. IAW NSF / ANS151 as well as offering distinct environmental advantages on anodized aluminum. Already included in our price structure we give back through an environmental surcharge which goes to providing funds for water testing and other eco work. 

Laser Engraving:

We offer Laser Engraving with your company name , address and/or phone number. You can decide to put what ever you want on the Sea-Straw. Your only limitation is the length of the Sea-Straw. This makes your product a business card that you will want your customers to enjoy , take with them & show others. Because of the diameter of the Sea-Straw and based on the fact that the surface of the Sea-Straw is a continuous radius we are limited to character  height of 1/8'' height...…..may sound small but it really stands out on the Sea-Straw. There is what we call a NREC charge ( Non-Recurring Engineering Charge). What is this: We make a custom tooling fixture for your desired Text. This is a one time life-time charge. Repeat orders will not have the charge applied again. You can use the full length of the Sea-Straw and fill in as much text that will fit or just simply use your company name, your choice. At time of order we will supply you with a layout of the engraving for you to approve. If by chance you would like a 2nd line of text , we can do that....that adds app. $.20 per Sea-Straw.

Sea-Straw has the capabilities to provide you with matching Font & Logo’s of your company’s business. We have been successful with 95% of the logo’s supplied to us. There have been a couple that had too much detail. So send us your Logo & Company wording and we would be more than happy to provide a layout for approval prior to fabrication.

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Sea-Straw Aluminum Straws with etching 01.JPG
Sea-Straw Aluminum Straws with etching 11.JPG