Frequently Asked Questions

Q-1: What are your Sea-Straws made of?

Our Sea-Straws are made of 6000 series Aluminum , the actual grade call out is 6063-T5, Extruded Alum. This grade Alum is also used in Military & Commercial Aircraft & Marine vessels. It’s important to note that over the years ships as large as Air-Craft Carriers & Planes have been purposely sunk in the ocean waters to help start as well as add to our Reefs. It’s important to note that Aluminum is a natural material found in nature.

Q-2: Are your Sea-Straws safe to drink through?

Decades of testing have proven that Aluminum is a safe material to use in the Food & Beverage Industry. For over 70 years our Military & Boy Scouts have used Aluminum Mess Kits & Canteens.. If you look in your cabinets at home you will more than likely find an Aluminum pot or tray. Just about ALL toaster ovens come with an Aluminum pan. Any trip to a camping store you will find a large variety of food & beverage products made of Aluminum because of its weight.  Every Pizza in America starts it's life on an Aluminum Pie Pan. Is it safe? Yes.

Q-3: What happens if your Sea-Straws ends up in the ocean?

Re-read the answer to question #1 above. Our Sea-Straws, unlike plastic, will sink upon entry into any water supply.

Q-4: Your Sea-Straws have a coloring process on them. Is that ok to put in the water as well as drink through?

Our coloring process uses NSF Certified Organic Dyes for Food Zone Application and are Metal Free. Our dyes contain NO heavy metals determined by NSF & Public Health & Safety Organization IAW?NSF ANSI51. Our dyes are totally safe to be in contact with the human body and pose no threat to the environment. Our competitors who sell Aluminum Straws, from what I have found, all come from China & Hong Kong. They are using a coloring process called Anodizing which is for industrial use only. Their colors have heavy metals such as Chrome and Copper...NOT GOOD

Q-5: Are your Sea-Straws FDA approved? Some of your competitors advertise that theirs are.

The FDA does NOT approve straws. This product falls under the same title as Dishes, Plates, Pots, Pans, Flatware & Glasses...When buying anything from another country, especially China, one only needs to think not too far back with the problem we had with Toothpaste, Baby Formula, Dog Food & Childrens Toys with lead paint.

Q-6: Why would we use our Aluminum Sea-Straws over a Stainless Steel straws?

Stainless Steel is a good material for the food industry. Every kitchen in the commercial world is full of products made from Stainless Steel. It does not rust, it's easy to keep clean & sanitary. But, Stainless Steel is much MORE expensive than Aluminum and is also harder to engrave and color. Our straws have been tested with a number of consumers and people really like the weight of our straw when handling it...Stainless Steel Straws are ok to use if you want to pay MORE money per straw. We have a lot of feedback from Bar & Restaurant Patrons that have said that the Stainless Steel Straws that they have used have left a metallic taste in their mouth.

Q-7: Why are your Sea-Straws straight? Most of your competitors sell bent straws.

We sell only straight straws because of sanitary issues. A bent straw will not clean easily and has the formula for trapping food residue and bacteria. Our competitors ALL sell a pipe cleaning brush...that may work ok in a home setting but ours are made for large qty commercial use and it’s not cost effective to hand wash every straw.

Q-8: Then how do we clean our Sea-Straws? Are they dishwasher safe?

We do offer a Wash Station. It’s Stainless Steel and comes with an 18” square box that holds 4 strainers and we include x6 strainers. The strainers hold app. x100 straws each. As the dirty straws are put into the strainers, simply run them through your dishwasher in the kitchen or behind the bar. Once clean the strainers are put into the box and makes them easily accessible for distribution to your customers as well as bartenders. Because our Sea-Straws have Organic Dyes for the coloring process there are certain limitations when washing & cleaning. You will need to stay away from detergents with high PH values. The PH value of a product is based on a scale of 0-14, 7 being considered Neutral. Detergents you will NOT be able to use are products like Cascade (PH 10.6 1% solution) and Dawn (PH 9.0 10% solution).......

As part of the continuous effort for all of us to go green we suggest you use one of the many products easily offered on the internet or through your Food & Supply distributor. There are many on the market that are Organic & Biodegradable. A mild soap solution is recommended. We strongly suggest that when you receive our product, take 2 of the straws and run them through your dishwasher in your kitchen as well as through the cleaning process you have set up behind the bar. If your detergent has too high of a PH value the straws will dull in color and come out with white streaks. We at Sea-Straw have run over 200 wash tests and have been extremely successful with the outcome. We all have to remember that we have become very complacent with our habits of buying 5,000 plastic straws for $20.00 and being able to just toss them in the garbage without the thought of recycling. That thought pattern is how we reached this level of destruction to the Eco-System. Part of fixing that problem takes solutions with products like ours as well as the additional efforts from you and your organization......

Q-9: What about handling your Sea-Straws with customers?

The straws can be placed next to and distributed with your flatware. If your situation warrants some kind of protective covering we do sell paper sleeves that are similar to a chopstick wrapper. We also have customers order the paper wrappers so they can retail the product in their gift store or from the bar. And like the straws , our wrappers come in a wide variety of colors. As an added expense we can have the wrappers printed with your company info. We feel the wrapper will get tossed quickly so why add the additional expense since the straw will have the info on it.

Q-10: Why would I want to sell the Sea-Straws to my customers? And what happens if they steal them?

Unlike our competitors, we offer to have your company name & information laser engraved on the straw. In the past years commercial places have offered little tidbits that have their company info on them such as matches, toothpick boxes, mints & candies....this list goes on. It’s all part of advertising....once a customer leaves your place of business with one of your engraved straws, the second they walk out the door that straw becomes a business card for your company...and that’s a good thing.

Q-11: Even though your Sea-Straw is priced well below your competitors, it’s still very expensive compared to what I have been paying for plastic. Why would I pay more?

Everyone needs to understand that plastic, regardless of what you’ve been paying, will not be available at all. Price comparing to plastic is not part of the conversation anymore.

Q-12: Paper Straws are cheap, why shouldn’t I use them?

Paper Straws are very cheap....if you run a fast food business where the straw is tossed in the garbage 10 minutes after the purchase then going paper may be the right thing to do , especially if you do not want to add cost to your product. Our straws are geared for commercial restaurant use. They are dishwasher safe and reusable. Paper , even though cheap, is still a waste of environmental resources. Our research with a large variety of consumers has told us, NO ONE wants to drink though a paper straw. Paper also goes flat & soggy over a short period of time

Q-13: There’s still other straw products available...wood, ceramic, glass, pasta, bamboo...why not use them?

Wood, Bamboo & Pasta are not very sanitary for a second use. Unless it’s your own home where you will take the time to use the pipe cleaning brush that came with the straws. Glass & Ceramic break too easy. All of these types of products are more expensive than our Aluminum Straw....they also do not offer company engraving which we feel is an important part of the product...getting your company name out there.

Q-14: Rumor has it, your Sea-Straws make the drink colder. What’s that about?

Aluminum is a great absorber of temperature, both hot & cold. That is why Aluminum is used in Heat Sink applications as well as Bar Set Ups. A lot of bars use Cold Plates and Ice and have the liquid run through that to make it colder. Our straw on a smaller scale will do the same thing.. It will make your drink colder as you drink it... and no, the straws will not freeze up.

Q-15: Your products still seem expensive....????

As mentioned above, the consumer market has to do their best to remember that Plastic Straws will Not be available at all in the very near future. If paper straws will work for your application then that may be the best option. As far as all other types of straws we have seen on the internet our unit pricing is well below what is offered. It’s also important to note that these more expensive straws we have seen on the internet do not include engraving your company name, do not offer individual paper sleeve packaging, they are NOT dish washer safe and most have heavy metals in their product. Another thing to keep your eye on is when you order these other straws they are wrapped in plastic for shipping.........that seems to be a little contradicting when trying to save the environment. aluminum eco-friendly straws (25 of 26).jpg