Washing Instructions


Because our Sea-Straws have organic dyes for the coloring process there are certain limitations when washing and cleaning. You will need to stay away from detergents with high pH values. the pH value of a product is based on a scale of 0 to 14, 7 being considered neutral. Detergents you will not be able to use, are products like Cascade (pH 10.6 1% solution) and Dawn (pH 9.0 10%) solution.

As part of the continuous effort for all of us to go green, we suggest you use one of the many products easily offered on the Internet or through your Food and Supply distributor. There are many on the market that are organic and biodegradable. A mild soap solution is recommended.

We strongly suggest that when you receive our product, take two of the straws out and run them through your dishwasher in your kitchen as well as through the cleaning process you have set up behind the bar. If your detergent has too high a pH value the straws will dull in color and come out with white streaks. We at Sea-Straw have run over 200 wash tests and have been extremely successful with the outcome.

We all have to remember that we have become very complacent with our habits of buying 5,000 plastic straws for $20 and being able to just toss them in the garbage without thought of recycling. That thought pattern is how we reached this level of destruction to the eco-system.  Part of fixing that problem takes solutions with products like ours as well as the additional efforts from you and your organization.


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